Transforming Thinktank Shop: Changelog

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A reminder of how it started...

One of our first steps was to select the company we would transform this space with. We ran a simple tender process and had some truly amazing companies to choose from. We selected arj Cre8 and began working with their talented team!

The visual that we fell in love with…

Removing the old retail furniture (certainly will not be missed!)

Goodbye old, tired floor covering!

Hello new floor!

New till point (and on the other side, our new groups entrance)

Note the space on the left for our new digital signage, which we’re rolling out across the museum.

A detailed before pic below, the door to the Lego Education Studio.

Access to the Lego Education Studio is through the shop. We see this as a real opportunity to drive Lego sales to an engaged customer base. To maximise this opportunity we’re repositioning our Lego range to sit next to this door, and whilst we’re at it we’re making the area feel much more themed to create more excitement for families queuing for their Lego Education Studio experience.

Here’s the till point again (from the other side and now painted!).

We’re using Thinktank’s original hero colour, yellow, to keep the space bright and fun.

It’s all really starting to come together now, our new hanging feature display units are in and the rest of the retail furniture is starting to arrive on site.

Keen eyes might spot that the Lego Education Studio door is now yellow, but the transformation isn’t over yet!

Desks are now in on both sides, the multiple heights were designed with accessibility in mind

We’ve integrated the structural pillars into the design, wrapping them in wood.

We’re using the pillar in shot to increase display space but we’ve also integrated some seating into the space using a similar method.

Here’s the seating version of the pillar wrap

The Lego Education Studio entrance and Lego product display space work continues…

Our in-queue merchandising systems are all on wheels, this is to allow us to create a safe queuing space with social distancing in mind, but also to ensure we’re future proof, for when social distancing ends.

We’re reminding people, as they approach the till, about how great a deal our membership is. This messaging will be on our digital signage too. These queue units will, of course, be stacked full of great impulse purchases.

Big moment! Our main feature display is now in!

This fantastic conservation truck will display our wildlife range, it is also our ‘shop window’ from the point of view of entering the shop from within the museum. The three pictures below show the colour changing sign. This feature is all about conversion!

Keen eyes will also spot the Lego space taking shape on the back right hand wall.

It’s the end of March and the build is now complete! We’re working with Jane Le Bon on visual merchandising and we just cannot wait to reopen! We’ll be making the finishing touches and adding some great new products in the coming months then we’ll give you one final update once the displays are finalised and we’ve welcomed our first customers!

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