Digital Strategy

We’re sharing Birmingham Museums Trust Digital Strategy, developed in partnership between Frankly, Green & Webb and a cross-departmental team. Together we created a set of digital principles which are  commitments that we hold up against everything we will be doing.

The forllowing is a very “in brief” version, please download the pdfs for more information.

Digital Principles

We have fit for purpose systems and platforms

We invest in people and skills

Digital is a fundamental mechanism through which we deliver our mission

We choose impact over activity, outcomes over outputs

We start with user needs and motivations

We design with data

We are open and transparent

We design for stainability

These principles underpin the 5 aims the Digital Strategy.

Strategic Aims

1. We will commit our energy to delivering meaningful impact for Birmingham people

2. We will initiate and embed shared practice of evidence based decision making

3. We will expand cross-departmental collaborative creative practice

4. We will determine the right resources for sustainable digital activity

5. We will empower the workforce to expand their digital skills

Read the Stategic Posters and Strategy Sheets.